Public Key Infrastructure as a Service (PKIaaS) - Certificates from the Cloud

Xorble Certificate Management

Xorble provides a Cloud based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI as a Service -PKIaaS) that allows you to easily create and manage your certificates as well as certificates for contacts within the public cloud. Certificates can be used for authentication, signing and encryption.

Certificates enable you to secure email using the industry standard S/MIME standard. Most devices support secure email using S/MIME and hence this service can be used to secure all your email and provide confidentiality as well as signing capabilities. Encryption certificate private keys are stored (archived) in the cloud to allow them to be downloaded to multiple devices easily so you can use the same secure email across all your devices

User encryption certificates are published into a web based certicate store and this allows encryption certificates to be shared simply with other users.

Authentication is handled using existing cloud based Identity Providers thus removing the need to manage and remember extra accounts and passwords. Xorble only needs to know the email address of a user in order to generate a certificate.

Xorble also now supports the Windows auto enrollment protocols (MS-XCEP and MS-WSTEP) via a Web Services Proxy component allowing deployment of certificates to users and computers without the complexity of running a PKI.

Xorble Root CA Certificates

Xorble RSA Root Certificate Xorble ECC Root Certificate
Xorble RSA Root Certificate Xorble ECC Root Certificate

Manage My Certificates

Create or access your certificates. My Certificates

Manage My Contacts

Create Encryption Certificates for your Contacts. My Contacts

Outlook and Web Service Proxy Add Ins

Add-in to automatically manage Outlook contact certificates.
Add-in web services proxy component to allow auto enrollment of certificates for domain joined users and computers Add-ins